We Are

Natural & Organic


Our Products.

Avoid the risk of allergic reactions from added fragrances and dyes.

soothing and gentle

Cleans all hair and skin types, including eczema, cradle cap and sensitive skin.

safe and tear-free

Ideal for bubbly bath time fun, safe for eczema and baby’s sensitive skin.

clam and gentle


When we became parents, we wanted the best for our children, just like you.  As we began to search for quality, safe, and natural skin care products, we quickly discovered how many were really wolves in sheep’s clothing: cunningly marketed but with toxic and irritating ingredients.

So we decided to create our own by carefully selecting each ingredient to ensure they are safe, beneficial, and soothing to baby’s skin. 

Our gentle products contain more than 95% plant-based ingredients, including 100% organic oils & extracts! 

We trust our products for our babies and have confidence yours will love it too!

From our family to yours,
Dr Kent & Kim McCorkle